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Broken Teeth
Stuart, FL

Trauma and Nerve Damage of injured tooth from Colin M. McKinney, DMD in Stuart, FLEvery day, thousands of people worldwide walk into a dentist's office with a broken tooth. Even though our teeth are naturally very strong, they can crack, fracture or break in certain situations. Damage caused to teeth can cause severe pain and make your mouth vulnerable to infectious diseases.

If you have a broken tooth, you must consult our emergency dentistry department as soon as possible so we can recommend dental treatments to repair your broken tooth.

4 Methods to Fix a Broken Tooth

Here are a few things Dr. Colin M. McKinney might decide to do to address your broken tooth situation:

Ceramic Filling

The first option is to apply a ceramic filling to the tooth. This option will restore approximately 98% of your tooth’s strength as it was before. In some cases, we can complete this procedure in one sitting so you can fix your tooth in just one visit.

If your situation requires more resistant materials, we might use dental inlays or crowns after preparing them in a laboratory with the help of a lab technician. Then, we will install a temporary restoration at your first appointment and install the final restoration on your second restoration after two to three weeks.

Dental Bonding

If only a small part of your tooth has broken off, we will attempt to put a sedative bandage or bond on the exposed part of the tooth’s pulp. This process is known as dental bonding. In most cases, we can observe the scarring of the pulp on the first visit only. We might also put in a dental filling to rebuild your tooth while waiting for a dental bond to fix your tooth.

Root Canal and Crowns

If you’ve broken a large part of your tooth and the pulp is exposed and you are experiencing a lot of pain, we might opt for a more serious treatment such as a root canal. We will keep the solid shell of your natural tooth during this treatment but remove the soft part pulp inside.

An emergency dentistry professional like Dr. Colin M. McKinney might choose to protect the tooth with a crown after the root canal treatment. Crowns can cover broken teeth and are useful restorations when the integrity of the tooth is poor.


Lastly, suppose your tooth has broken or gotten fractured far below the level of the gum or bone, and it is impossible to adjust the level of the gingiva with laser gingivectomy. In that case, we will suggest you get your tooth extracted and opt for a dental implant. A dental implant will act as your tooth's root and keep the jawbone from losing its strength.
If you have a broken tooth, make sure you don’t brush it. Make an appointment with Colin M. McKinney, DMD’s emergency dentistry department as soon as possible. We will discuss the best method of fixing your broken tooth with you and tell you about combinations of fillings, crowns, and root canal treatments you can opt for. Call us at (772) 266-2223 today to know more.

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Broken Teeth - Colin M. McKinney, DMD - Dentist Stuart, FL
Damage caused to teeth can cause severe pain and make your mouth vulnerable to diseases. If you have a broken tooth, call us at Stuart Family Dental now!
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